Training & Speaking

Keith provides professional development sessions and engaging educational keynotes to assist campuses in addressing some of the most complex problems in higher education; sexual violence prevention, men’s identity, social justice education, curricular approaches, and leadership.

There was a presenter to the students that my daughter raved about. She wanted to give him a standing ovation at the end, and wished that she had. She said that he presented a difficult subject in a clear and non-accusatory way. The boys weren’t classified as predators; the girls weren’t classified as sirens. She also mentioned that he was capable of making jokes without making “icky” jokes. My daughter has had so many years of poorly-done presentations regarding human sexuality that she was not prepared to pay much attention to this new presentation. Even with that non-neutral starting point, your presenter was able to captivate and inform her. Thank you very much for making the campus a safer place through such a fine job.

-parent of first-year student


• Ending Rape: Addressing the Roots of Sexual Violence Prevention
• “Putting My Man Face On”: A Grounded Theory of College Men’s Gender Identity Development
• Beyond Good Intentions: Aspiring Social Justice Ally Identity Development
• Curriculum Approaches to Student Learning Beyond the Classroom
• Foundations of Social Justice
• From Anti-Oppression to Liberation Approaches to Social Justice
•  Strategic Planning for Comprehensive Sexual Violence Prevention & Title IX Compliance
• Man in a Box: The Intersections of Masculinity with Racism, Classism, and Homophobia
• Toward Thriving: The Science of What Works