Toward Thriving

Thanks for your interest in learning more connected to the Toward Thriving keynote/workshop. Below you will find a list of the books that I mentioned and some videos as well. I even included some I didn’t mention directly. If you are interested in a bit of a deeper dive on content briefly mentioned you can scroll through my posts related to this topic which are compiled at this link.

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Books Referenced

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Related Videos

Here is Mindsight author Daniel Siegel sharing the hand model of the brain we discussed.

One of the keys to helping others with their transformations is understanding the concept of neuroplasticity.

Here is a short summary of Mindsight by Daniel Siegel.

The story of the Golden Buddha from Finding Joe. What armor have you put on to keep you safe, that is no longer serving you well and is keeping your best self from shining through?

The most common questions I get are about meditation. This is the simplest and succinct explanation I have seen. If you are interested in more here are some meditation tools and resources as well.