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The way Dr. Edwards came at the subject, not teaching how to avoid it but defining and implementing real life, relatable scenarios, is what made his presentation so eye opening. Many individuals have the wrong understanding of sexual violence and maybe even believe that some things that are considered sexual violence are not. As a strong woman, as a feminist, and as a victim of sexual violence he hit every aspect. Because sexual violence is not something just women experience and pointing that out, empowers men to see, feel and understand/want to understand more about  it.

-from participant evaluation

Often sexual violence efforts on college campuses are reactive, focused on what happens after sexual violence has already happened. Keith focuses on what we can do to prevent sexual violence from happening in the first place. He brings his experience as a researcher, scholar, educator, and Title IX investigator to engage audiences in ways that they see that they can be a part of the solution in addressing sexual violence. He co-chaired ACPA’s Presidential Task Force on Sexual Violence Prevention in Higher Education and co-edited the groups monograph Beyond Compliance. Keith is also the co-editor of the book, Addressing Sexual Violence in Higher Education, which will be published in March 2018.

Keith provides highly engaging sexual violence prevention programming for students, professional development and training for staff and faculty, and assistance in developing comprehensive sexual violence prevention education in compliance with Title IX and other related requirements for colleges and universities.

VSKeith infused our campus with an energy that continues to transform our students and our culture months after his visit. Keith is direct in his approach to this complicated and loaded topic, delivering a message that is different from the expected and grounded in research and experience. His impact is immediate. On his second visit to our university, I approached a long line of students waiting to meet Keith after his talk on college men, masculinity and consent. I asked one of them, who introduced himself to me as a fraternity member, why he wanted to meet Dr. Edwards. “This was my fourth “don’t rape” speech already this year,” the student replied. “This is the first time any of it has had any value for me. This was relevant, respectful and really got me thinking. I want to thank him in person.”

-Virginia Solan, M.Ed., Coordinator, Violence Prevention Programs, University of Idaho


Ending Rape – This nationally recognized, award winning, theoretically and conceptually grounded, and research proven keynote is often the central component of a campus visit. This session fits well for a campus-wide publicized session for students and is often also requested as a professional development session for staff and faculty as well.

Comprehensive Sexual Violence Prevention – Keith works with campuses to do an assessment of current efforts and recommendations for comprehensive prevention efforts grounded in each campuses unique culture and structure.

Engaging Men – Keith has worked with many campuses to strategize best approaches for engaging men in sexual violence prevention. He provides resources on important considerations, concrete strategies for success, and examples of activities, events, and programming.

SGMen Ending Rape really was a much needed kick in the pants to realizing that I, as a man had a role to play in ending violence against women. It made me angry at myself, and other men that we made ourselves out to be a part of the horrendous monster that is sexual assault. It told me that men can be a part of the solution. Men Ending Rape was the catalyst that made me become an active participant in the fight against sexual assault and rape.”

-Starvonsky Gibbs, founding member and treasurer, Men Against Rape Society, University of Delaware

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