Men & Masculinities


Keith was wonderful to work with on our campus. He did a presentation for staff, a keynote for students, and met with some of the leaders of our Interfraternity Council. Our men seemed to really connect with Keith’s work and I think it was a great start to the conversation on men and masculinity on our campus.

– St. Norbert College

SGMen Ending Rape really was a much needed kick in the pants to realizing that I, as a man had a role to play in ending violence against women. It made me angry at myself, and other men that we made ourselves out to be a part of the horrendous monster that is sexual assault. It told me that men can be a part of the solution. Men Ending Rape was the catalyst that made me become an active participant in the fight against sexual assault and rape.”

-Starvonsky Gibbs, founding member and treasurer, Men Against Rape Society, University of Delaware

Keith has years of experience researching and speaking on college men and masculinities. His approach is grounded in social justice theory, empirical research, and his own journey continuously discovering what it means to be a man in this world. He uses storytelling to make the research and scholarship come alive through connection and shared experiences. His dissertation “Putting my man face on”: A grounded theory of college men’s gender identity development, which was recognized as Dissertation of the Year by ACPA – College Student Educators International in 2008.

CMGID“Putting My Man Face On” – In this session for student audiences Keith shares the insights from his award winning research on college men’s identity development. Students of all genders are highly engaged by the powerful, humorous, and heartbreaking stories of men’s gender performance and the consequences. Keith provides insight into transcending the traditional expectations of men, reducing sexism and misogyny and so that men can live with more authenticity and humanity.

Strategies for Engaging Men – This session is similar to the workshop described above, but designed specifically for faculty and staff professional development sessions. Keith provides concrete recommendations for engaging men more effectively to increase their engagement, retention, academic success, and more effectively address men’s transgressions on campus.

Man in a BoxMan in a Box – This session will explore the intersections of racism, classism, homophobia, and other forms of oppression in defining and enforcing a traditional hegemonic definition of masculinity which serves to oppress women, marginalize some men, and limit all men.




I just tried out some of the suggestions you gave us for working with men in conduct meetings – it has completely revolutionized the way I do conduct with men!  I can’t believe how well it works to get them really thinking critically about how their behaviors match (or don’t match) who they want to be.  Thank you!

-Participant in student affairs staff professional development

VSDr. Keith Edwards is the kind of speaker who grabs hold of young men and shakes them at their very foundation. Once they recover from the shock and confusion of realizing they have choices to make about their own masculinity, you see the excitement emerge. Keith reaches into the hearts of young men, past the culturally-constructed myths and messages that tell them who they ought to be. Keith delivers a powerful message: You can be the kind of man you choose to be. And, guess what? You are making those choices already, each day. And all of those choices come with consequences – good and bad – that you will reap for the rest of your life. What kind of man do you want to be? Keith Edwards gives it to them straight. No excuses. It’s up to you. The men on our campus at the University of Idaho remain engaged with Keith’s challenge and message a full year after he visited us in Moscow. I highly recommend Dr. Keith Edwards for anyone wishing to spark real culture change and dynamic conversation on their campus.

-Virginia Solan, Coordinator of Violence Prevention Programs, University of Idaho

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