Toward Thriving

Keith shares concepts and principles from the latest science of what works from positive psychology and neuroscience. Keith shares research based strategies, concepts, and tools to foster success and thriving with students, as individuals, and organizationally. This content includes brain functioning, ways to cultivate our authentic emotions, mindful leadership, strategies for success, new ways of leading individuals and teams, and how to apply all of this in our personal and professional lives. Toward Thriving can be offered as a keynote, workshop, or professional development staff retreat. Each of these formats is upbeat, high energy, future focused, and full of information on how we can all better be at our best. In workshop and retreat formats, participants will apply these concepts through a series of interactive activities to gain clarity, set goals, determine priorities, identify actions steps, and make commitments toward thriving in their current professional and personal lives. Participants find it useful, highly engaging, fun, empirically based, and energizing.

I can honestly say that I have never had so many people make a point of calling or finding me to say how much they really appreciated the program. I’ve heard stories about how they have applied lessons they learned or took a moment to think differently about a situation.  I’ve been coordinating professional development for our division for a number of years and I’ve brought some wonderful speakers over time but this is truly the most positive response I’ve ever seen.

-Suzanne Sullivan McGillicuddy, Assistant Dean of Students, Fashion Institute of New York


We had Dr. Edwards facilitate our Student Affairs Professional Development Advance at The University of Tampa. His style was extremely engaging, his information was thought provoking, and his activities were purposeful.  Feedback from faculty and staff that attended was very positive and everyone is still talking about things they learned that they are incorporating into their professional and personal lives.

– Stephanie Russell Krebs, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, The University of Tampa


Keith’s Toward Thriving session helped our team not only connect, but also begin to prioritize what really matters. It was so refreshing to take a pause from the daily work flow to reflect on our goals and how we can make more of an impact in our work. Keith has a real talent for facilitating conversations, sharing knowledge, and creating community. Thanks for a great day Keith!

-Evan Witt, Assistant Director for Leadership Training & Development, Orientation and First-Year Programs at the University of Minnesota

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