Keith offers groups and individuals ways to transform to reach their fullest potential. His approach incorporates the latest research and thinking about leadership and positive psychology to help individuals and teams reach their fullest potential. He also incorporate Zen principles and practices (also often tied to research) to help individuals and groups discover how to get out of their own way.

Toward Thriving: Applying the Science of What Works – This session will share concepts and principles from the latest science of what works from positive psychology and neuroscience. Participants will apply these concepts through a series of interactive activities to gain clarity, set goals, determine priorities, identify actions steps, and make commitments toward thriving in their current professional and personal lives.



Mindful Leadership – Keith helps leaders get our of their own way and find the brilliance within them once again. Leaders who are able to simultaneously let go of as much control as possible and claim as much agency as possible see not only their leadership but their lives transformed.

Strategic Planning – Keith has provided many organizations a unique approach to goal setting, priority setting, and action planning. His fast paced, engaging, and enjoyable approach is grounded in the research on social change theory and positive psychology as well as coaching approaches. This approach is flexible and can be applied to any specific topic or open planning for individuals as part of groups. This approach has been used for developing institutional inclusion learning outcomes, designing and implementing residential curriculum, sexual assault prevention, and staff development, and organizational growth broadly.


StarsCoaching – Keith is a certified professional coach. He offers individual coaching grounded in leadership scholarship, the science of positive psychology, and Zen approaches. He offers dedicated time and powerful questions to help individuals discover their own solutions to their greatest challenges at work, in relationships, with their health, and their own sense of self.

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