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CWRWorking with Keith has opened a new door in my personal and professional life – I feel it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Our sessions deepened my sense of self-awareness, helped me to gain confidence in my inner voice, and encouraged me to take a truly holistic and thoughtful approach to my future and the way I make decisions.

-Courtney Reynolds

HLWorking with Keith has allowed me to better understand my strengths and the ways in which I can best contribute to our organization. He has also helped me learn how to better engage in conflict, how to accept and give feedback, how to be more present and focused on my work, and how to grow from mistakes. Because of Keith, I have been able to put into greater harmony my personal and professional lives and I am now a more fulfilled and self-assured person.

-Holley Locher, PhD

  • Certification – Keith is a Certified Professional Coach through Co-Active Coaching‘s Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the largest trainer of coaches in the world. He is a member of the International Coaches Federation.
  • Confidentiality – Coaching is completely confidential. I will not share what we discuss with anyone. I will not even share that you are a client. You on the other hand are free to discuss our coaching with anyone you wish.
  • Meetings – We will most likely meet over the phone or through video call, depending on your preference.
  • Sample Session – If you are interested in a sample session, we can set this up to see if this is a good fit – free of charge.
  • Qualifications – Keith has a PhD in higher education administration, 20 years of supervisory leadership, is certified in Brief Motivational Interviewing, Strengths Educator, Restorative Justice, Intergroup Dialogue and other processes.
  • Schedule – To schedule with Keith to discuss coaching further, please use the contact form to the right. This creates an email that goes directly to Keith and only Keith. No manager, scheduler, or anyone else will read it.
  • Price – Individual coaching sessions are $125 and last approximately an hour. These are usually done via video or phone depending on the clients preference. Weekly sessions are best to start. We work together to adjust the schedule that works best and keeps you moving forward.
  • Packages
      • Starter Package – 4 consecutive weekly sessions. $400
        • Great for folks looking to try this out. The four sessions give us a chance to get clear about your purpose, values, goals, and obstacles, and engage in coaching to see if it is right for you. This is also a good package for those looking for coaching around a specific and finite goal like a job search.
      • Extended Package – 12 consecutive sessions $1000
        • Great for those looking to deeply engage in a coaching process and relationship. First four sessions must be weekly. Remaining session’s interval will be determined mutually (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.).

    Coaching Sessions


BRLooking for a great coach? Connect with Keith Edwards! I left our sessions feeling empowered, energized, and ready to tackle whatever the future may bring. The fresh perspectives I gained during our sessions enabled me to think more critically and strategically about my life and goals. If you’re at all curious about meeting with a coach, I encourage you to meet Keith. Invest in yourself.

-Becca Rogers


CAI began coaching with Keith came as I came to a proverbial “fork in the road” with my career trajectory. Keith helped grease the wheels for me in becoming clearer about where I think I need to be going – not what he thought I should do.  He gave me some tools to reframe how I had been thinking about the things I value in my life and how that connects with my career path.  In the end I think I got as much “life stuff” as “career stuff” from our work together.  Tangible, thoughtful, and a gentle kick in the butt. I appreciate and value our work together.

-Craig John Alimo, PhD