Thanks to the many folks who have shared what I have offered in terms of learning and impact.


I can honestly say that I have never had so many people make a point of calling or finding me to say how much they really appreciated the program. I’ve heard stories about how they have applied lessons they learned or took a moment to think differently about a situation.  I’ve been coordinating professional development for our division for a number of years and I’ve brought some wonderful speakers over time but this is truly the most positive response I’ve ever seen.

-Suzanne Sullivan McGillicuddy, Assistant Dean of Students, Fashion Institute of New York


LKKeith was a joy to work with. He asked questions to understand our group, the context of our university, and our path to tailor his approach to facilitation to meet our group’s needs. This “pre-work” really allowed us to maximize the time with Keith while on our campus.

-Linda Kasper, Director of Residence Life, University of South Florida



Keith is a dynamic speaker that connected well with both our students and staff.  Keith’s presentations left many with some new considerations on the environment that we foster on our campus and allowed us to go back and revisit some of our priorities.  I look forward to the next opportunity that we get to have him visit my campus.

-Dr. Ray Gasser, Senior Associate Director, Residence Education and Housing Services, Michigan State University


SWKeith’s student affairs experiences at different institutions enables him to situate himself within a new culture quickly.  This personal, on-the-ground connection allows him to acknowledge and encourage sound existing work and also make recommendations for improvement that are directly connected to the department’s or division’s values; lessening the resistance that typically accompanies the perspective of an outsider.

-Scott Wojciechowski, Gettysburg College


Sexual Assault Prevention

ABKeith Edwards is an excellent speaker on men’s anti-violence issues. In addition to making a strong case for men’s involvement in ending violence against women, he is very conscientious about addressing the many social justice and privilege issues that pertain to men’s anti-violence work – issues that are not always addressed by speakers on this topic. He also has a very unique perspective on how men are hurt by violence against women, an important factor in motivating men to take action on this issue.

– Dr. Alan Berkowitz, Independent Consultant and Editor of “Men and Rape: Theory, Research and Prevention Programs in Higher Education


The way Dr. Edwards came at the subject, not teaching how to avoid it but defining and implementing real life, relatable scenarios, is what made his presentation so eye opening. Many individuals have the wrong understanding of sexual violence and maybe even believe that some things that are considered sexual violence are not. As a strong woman, as a feminist, and as a victim of sexual violence he hit every aspect. Because sexual violence is not something just women experience and pointing that out, empowers men to see, feel and understand/want to understand more about  it.

-from participant evaluation


There was a presenter to the students that my daughter raved about. She wanted to give him a standing ovation at the end, and wished that she had. She said that he presented a difficult subject in a clear and non-accusatory way. The latter was particularly important to her: the boys weren’t classified as predators; the girls weren’t classified as sirens. This came up later at the orientation group meeting, and both sexes were able to thoughtfully discuss the presentation without feeling automatically defensive. She also mentioned that he was capable of making jokes without making “icky” jokes. My daughter has had so many years of poorly-done presentations regarding human sexuality that she was not prepared to pay much attention to this new presentation. Even with that non-neutral starting point, your presenter was able to captivate and inform her. Thank you very much for making the campus a safer place through such a fine job.
-parent of first-year student


Keith’s visit brought a lot of parties to the table who hadn’t been previously there before. Staff, coaches, and students who had only shown minimal interest in addressing sexual violence became more curious and more engaged in the topic.

Following Keith’s visit, many asked when he was coming back and how we could continue the conversation. His talks have pushed us further in our work to prevent sexual assault by working to understand the viewpoints of diverse populations as well as to revisit traditional programs that may have in fact reinforced stereotypical gender norms. Our students are also more motivated to learn more about the root causes of sexual violence to find out what they can do as men and women to prevent it on our campus and in their communities. We are grateful to Keith for opening these doors for us.

-Kelly Golden, Regis College

AVKeith exceeded our expectations. He was a dynamic and approachable speaker who challenged students and staff to reframe their thinking around gender construction, sexual violence, and what they can do to shift culture within their spheres of influence. Students and staff particularly appreciated Keith’s ability to name the complexities around power and privilege when calling on men to take part in sexual violence prevention work. He was wonderful to work with and, in addition to his large speaking events, enthusiastically took the time to meet with a small group of students who were interested in his scholarship. He learned about their stories and authentically shared some of his own, modeling what is looks like to approach learning as a lifelong process. We could feel the positive impact of Keith’s visit after he left campus. Students and organizations have continued the conversation around the connection between gender-based violence and construction of masculinities. Students left his keynote feeling challenged, more aware, and inspired to create a change on this campus.

-Ashley Viager, Assistant Director of Chadbourne Residential College, University of Wisconsin – Madison



Keith infused our campus with an energy that continues to transform our students and our culture months after his visit. Keith is direct in his approach to this complicated and loaded topic, delivering a message that is different from the expected and grounded in research and experience. His impact is immediate. On his second visit to our university, I approached a long line of students waiting to meet Keith after his talk on college men, masculinity and consent. I asked one of them, who introduced himself to me as a fraternity member, why he wanted to meet Dr. Edwards. “This was my fourth “don’t rape” speech already this year,” the student replied. “This is the first time any of it has had any value for me. This was relevant, respectful and really got me thinking. I want to thank him in person.

-Virginia Solan, M.Ed., Coordinator, Violence Prevention Programs, University of Idaho


BMKeith was our first keynote speaker on the subject of sexual assault.  We were hoping that he would create an atmosphere for further discussion among both our undergraduates and our alumni volunteers, and he did just that.  His message was challenging but engaging.

-Bill Martin, Executive Director, Phi  Gamma Delta Fraternity (FIJI)



We had Keith come speak at our campus Take Back the Night event. Keith really resonated with our students, faculty and staff; he brought to light some news ways of looking at rape culture and really targeting the importance of changing attitudes that lead to sexual violence and did so in a non-accusatory and relatable way. We look forward to having him come speak at other events in the future!

-Chelsea Wells Holcombe, Valdosta State University


DTKeith fully engaged the audience, was funny, poignant, direct, and sensitive. Our assessment data was really positive and students would recommend him to others and many walked away ready to put new approaches into action. I was so pleased to hear him challenge students to determine the campus culture related to sexual assault. They needed to hear this from someone with credibility and passion.

-David M. Tuttle, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students, Trinity University


MMKFor those of you looking for an amazing speaker on the topic of sexual assault prevention, I suggest Keith Edwards. His focus on men ending rape underscores the need for men to be involved in this effort. I have worked closely with him for three years and have become more and more impressed with the work that he does. His multi-media program will leave your audience worked up and ready to make change. My students love him. Returners to my sexual assault prevention training request his program year after year. Keith is young and cool – he connects well with college students. He speaks to them in a way that really makes them hear what he has to say. His research is current and relevant. His examples cite popular media and are familiar references for college students. His use of interactive activities and visual aids underscore the learning that will take place for attendees. I have nothing but positive things to say about Keith Edwards. He will make your students angry… in a good way. He will incite positive change.

-Mollie Monahan-Kreishman, Independent Speaker and Consultant


WOW… it was powerful, informative and moving, i think that is the least i could say about the presentation. Keith Edwards hits close to home in this stunning presentation that informs students and faculty of the incidents that go on around the country but also right here on our college campus. Keith Edwards seems, and proved to me, that he is a very smart, well-spoken opinionated man with a purpose in the world, and that purpose is to gain his dignity back as a man by helping this country end rape. The presentation gained the interest of many including myself from the get go. He was not dull or boring, he even had some funny material to lighten the mood in the room. I was one of maybe four other students to attend the presentation he did for the faculty. One thing Idid realize sitting in a room of well educated faculty was that they were in just as much shock as i was when he read off some of the statistics. But to me the statistics were not all that staggering. What i found to be most interesting or rather disappointing was the discussion about our society, and our “rape culture.” Not only did Keith Edwards open my eyes to rape and what it is exactly, but how our culture perceives these incidents and teaches our society from the age of toddlers that it is OK.

-Aubrey Manning, Ithaca College student


KKI attended Men Ending Rape’ assuming it would be like many other programs: interesting, but not inspirational. In fact, it was far more than just interesting. The content was emotional and passionate, but presented in a rather pragmatic fashion. Students told me they left feeling like there was something very specific they could do to address the rape culture. So often, we don’t inspire action; or we inspire action and provide no guide. This was not the case with Men Ending Rape – it did both! I would highly recommend this program as both an education tool for students and a mandatory training for staff.

-Kathleen G. Kerr, Executive Director of Housing & Residence Life, University of Delaware


Thank you. There are no words I can say. I wanted to leave during your presentation, but I couldn’t. It all hit so close to home. Until now, I’ve never confronted or dealt with what happened to me. As a survivor of rape, I feel like I have much to say, and no one to listen. Today, you showed me that there are people, men even, who hear the silent cries. One day I will be strong enough, and I would like to help others gain the perspective I have. Maybe I could even help you to understand what it feels like to be me. It has been three years since I first became a victim…It has been only since this morning at your presentation that I have become a survivor. If I could help one woman, or prevent one act of sexual assault, or one rape, or even comfort one woman – that in and of itself would be the greatest thing I could accomplish. If I could show one man how to handle a situation where he is feared, or how to comfort a broken woman, maybe I could help to change things. One day I will do that. Mostly thanks to you, I am not a victim of rape – I am a survivor. I know that now. I am on the road to recovery, and perhaps I can pave that same road for another – maybe even block it. So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

– letter from a female student after seeing Men Ending Rape.


To be honest, I was reluctant to attend. I already knew rape was an issue on college campuses and that I would never assault women. I thought attending this informative speech would be a waste of my time. This speech made me realize some of the misconceptions that society has taught men, including myself in the way of masculinity and what’s considered acceptable in regards to how men treat women…He captured my attention when he stated that our society encourages, condones, and teaches rape to happen. I always thought people with horrible morals or mental conditions perpetrated rape. Society being a factor, was something I never took the time to analyze…I never thought of myself as being a scary person. When he shared that “men aren’t aware of the fear women have, they don’t have to make daily decisions to avoid being raped.” This really spoke to me because I was not fully aware of these subtle everyday actions. I know for a fact that I’m not a monster and I don’t wanted to be treated like one because some men do not know how to treat women right…When he shared that most men are taught to objectify women, I was not fully convinced. When I started reflecting on my upbringing my feelings changed. Growing up I was always taught to try to get the most girls to fall for me by society, my friends and even my family. Keith caused me to reflect on my relationships with my male friends in high school regarding masculinity.

-college man


CWEI began the session with an honest skepticism. I moved quickly through a range of emotion – including the most poignant anger, disbelief, frustration, and guilt – then landed in a place of conviction. Many sexual assault programs for men play on those emotions, but ‘Men Ending Rape’ is designed to equip and empower leaders to make a difference by changing a culture – the rape culture. Its message is both intellectually and emotionally powerful, the outcomes are realistically geared toward the individual and the group, and the passion is contagious. Not to be missed!

-Chris Wilcox Elliott, Assistant Dean, Student Life & Global Programs at UVa’s McIntire School of Commerce


The first time I saw Men Ending Rape, I left in utter shock. Instead of sitting through another seminar telling women ways to prevent getting raped, I listened to men talk honestly and openly about what they need to do to end the rape culture on campus. I was inspired by the speaker, the content, the media examples, and the attentiveness and participation of the crowd during the presentation. To this day, I consider Men Ending Rape to be one of the few programs that has had a monumental impact on how I approach my role as an advocate, student, leader, and citizen in relation to gender issues in the United States.

– Jen Robertson, Teacher


JFAs a victim advocate, sitting through countless trainings on prevention education for incidents of sexual assault, Men Ending Rape, is the first program I’ve seen that addressed the male component to the rape culture on college campuses. Providing a venue for participants to explore their beliefs about sexual assault, Men Ending Rape, offers a safe space for students and staff alike to challenge one another on the very beliefs that contribute to an unsafe sexual climate on campus. Men Ending Rape is an engaging program that angers participants, validates others, and leaves everyone thinking about what they can do to end sexual assault.

-Jennifer Hellstern, Investigation and Resolution Specialist, Rutgers University


GAMen Ending Rape will challenge everyone in the audience. Men are challenged to see sexual assault and relationship violence as a men’s issue. Everyone is challenged to step up and see the world as supporting a culture in which rape happens. This program will make men think, make men angry, and start the important dialogues that are need on our college campuses. Most important, this program doesn’t just tell women to walk to their car with their keys between their fingers. Instead of the typical response of sexual assault programming, creating more fear for women, this program challenges men to take on the culture that supports perpetrators of sexual assault and to do it because they have something to gain. She will no longer fear you… ”

-Grant Anderson, Coordinator of Residential Life: Staffing, Education, and Research, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


I sincerely appreciate your ability to facilitate such important educational programs for challenging audiences. I admire your professionalism and creative approach to ending gender-based violence. Your presentation and the response you received from athletes have created an opportunity for the Aurora Center and the Department of Athletics to work together and continue developing violence prevention education resources for athletes on campus. The performance left a strong impression on those who attended. We received wonderful feedback from our volunteers in the audience. Many of them commented on how motivating it was to observe your facilitation skills. Several volunteers commented on how much they appreciated your thoughtful answers to audience questions. In particular, we appreciated your response to questions about the line between rape and sex. We thought it was very effective to challenging people to examine their own questions when they are asking how far they can go before raping a woman.”

-Liz Borer, Aurora Center for Education and Advocacy, University of Minnesota


HWThanks again for the program…It was interesting to sit in on it again…not as a graduate Hall Director but now as a professional working in a Women’s Center where we have a lot of focus on Sexual Violence Prevention. Thank you for continuing to put yourself and your message out there…thank you for being on the students level…I knew some people in the room cringed when you said certain words or got animated…but they just don’t get it…how can you impact students if your words aren’t theirs? Yours is the only program to date that I have seen that actually works on the students level. I myself have been witness to how this program impacts both men AND women. When I talk to friends I worked with, they still talk about your program and its impact on them, fellow students and staff, and their attitudes to the issue.”

-Heather Weaver, Associate Director of Student Engagement for First Year Programs at Philadelphia University


I originally had to attend your presentation as a form of extra credit for a class of mine, after 5 minutes of hearing you speak I absolutely loved what you are standing for. You are one of the best public speakers I have heard in quite some time. I just wanted to say thank you for coming and say that I loved hearing you! We actually talked about your speech in class today, just thought I’d let you know!

-female Ithaca College student


I still hear comments being made by our freshman student athletes about your presentation. You definitely have a strong message that needs to be heard. I want to thank you for sharing your message with us.

-Kelly Brooks, Director of Life Skills, Xavier University Athletics


[Keith] was able to balance the extremely delicate task of delivering a strong and deliberate message, while remaining enthusiastic and open to engaging the audience in a professional manner. Clear examples stressed the importance of being an agent of change, by seeking out methods to change the culture amongst sports teams as well as within the entire campus community. Being able to address both men and women on this issue was by far a necessity in stressing the overall importance of ending sexual violence. Mr. Edwards truly gained our respect during his presentation by not bashing men, however; more so sharing with both men and women the importance of making wise decisions in your actions and words…Mr. Edwards was highly prepared for his presentation and related very well to our student-athletes, by being available to address questions and concerns they presented over the course of the evening.

-Anissa M. Lightner, Assistant Director of Student Athlete Development, University Of Minnesota
-Peyton N. Owens, III, Director of Life Skills, University Of Minnesota


I was at your presentation last night, as well as your conversation with the RAs. As a victim of sexual assault, I was really nervous when I heard I had to go to a presentation about rape. I didn’t think I would last 5 minutes. But I stayed the entire hour and a half. The way you presented such a difficult topic was entirely new to me. I’d never thought of it as being a men’s issue as well. When some of my male residents saw the fliers they came to me and said “What is this? I’m the most harmless teddy-bear on campus. Nobody could possibly fear me.” And I thought in my head “Well, I do. I’ve lost trust in every single one of you.” So I suggested they come to your program. And they did. And although I don’t think they completely understand yet, at least they’ve now faced the possibility that they have some responsibility to take. Three weeks ago I had to break up with my boyfriend because I couldn’t deal with certain things he’d do that would bring me back to my assault. I tried to explain it to him, but he didn’t get it at all. He was at your program last night. I hope it helped him understand. And it really made me question some of the things I still do that might be supporting this “rape culture.”

-email from female student after attending Men Ending Rape presentation


SGMen Ending Rape really was a much needed kick in the pants to realizing that I, as a man had a role to play in ending violence against women. It made me angry at myself, and other men that we made ourselves out to be a part of the horrendous monster that is sexual assault. It told me that men can be a part of the solution. Men Ending Rape was the catalyst that made me become an active participant in the fight against sexual assault and rape.”

-Starvonsky Gibbs, founding member and treasurer, Men Against Rape Society, University of Delaware


JBMThere were times where your presentation brought a sense of overwhelming guilt inside of me. I do not womanize, seek out intoxicated women and on top of that, as a Greek, I feel I have caught some of my brothers or other friends off-guard by calling them out when they will do such things. The guilt I felt was in the fact that through your lecture, I feel I could be doing more and more importantly than feeling obligated to do so, I want to do more – and still have not. The second thing I really liked about your lecture, and after speaking with a few of my brothers that attended they felt the same way, that while certain statistics or inalienable truths about society may strike guilt into mine and others hearts, there were times when your lecture made me feel truly good about myself – that I am not just a typical, 20 year old white male in a “frat.” I recognize that noticeable change shows through the ripple effect of individuals actions.

– J. Burke Miller, Assistant State’s Attorney


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this program you are putting on and how important I think it is. Thank you very much for coming and speaking to us, I hope that you will be back every year so that each new class will hear you speak and all returning students will be hit with your passion for the topic again. I think your message is unique, it is something that none of us have ever been exposed to before. Certainly, we have had programs on rape before, but the male perspective on rape is new and intriguing and I hope that some of the guys in the audience took it to heart. I also thought you should know that days later I heard one male upperclassman talking on the phone describing your program to someone who was not a student here. I also talked to my boyfriend a little about your program – he is both an athlete and pledging to be in the fraternity system – later that night when you came. Thank you very much for what you are doing, I think it can really make a difference.

-email from female student after attending Men Ending Rape presentation

Men and Masculinities

Keith exceeded our expectations. He was a dynamic and approachable speaker who challenged students and staff to reframe their thinking around gender construction, sexual violence, and what they can do to shift culture within their spheres of influence. Students and staff particularly appreciated Keith’s ability to name the complexities around power and privilege when calling on men to take part in sexual violence prevention work. He was wonderful to work with and, in addition to his large speaking events, enthusiastically took the time to meet with a small group of students who were interested in his scholarship. He learned about their stories and authentically shared some of his own, modeling what is looks like to approach learning as a lifelong process. We could feel the positive impact of Keith’s visit after he left campus. Students and organizations have continued the conversation around the connection between gender-based violence and construction of masculinities. Students left his keynote feeling challenged, more aware, and inspired to create a change on this campus.

-Ashley Viager, Assistant Director of Chadbourne Residential College, University of Wisconsin – Madison


VSDr. Keith Edwards is the kind of speaker who grabs hold of young men and shakes them at their very foundation. Once they recover from the shock and confusion of realizing they have choices to make about their own masculinity, you see the excitement emerge. Keith reaches into the hearts of young men, past the culturally-constructed myths and messages that tell them who they ought to be. Keith delivers a powerful message: You can be the kind of man you choose to be. And, guess what? You are making those choices already, each day. And all of those choices come with consequences – good and bad – that you will reap for the rest of your life. What kind of man do you want to be? Keith Edwards gives it to them straight. No excuses. It’s up to you. The men on our campus at the University of Idaho remain engaged with Keith’s challenge and message a full year after he visited us in Moscow. I highly recommend Dr. Keith Edwards for anyone wishing to spark real culture change and dynamic conversation on their campus.

-Virginia Solan, Coordinator of Violence Prevention Programs, University of Idaho


Keith was wonderful to work with on our campus. He did a presentation for staff, a keynote for students, and met with some of the leaders of our Interfraternity Council. Our men seemed to really connect with Keith’s work and I think it was a great start to the conversation on men and masculinity on our campus.

– St. Norbert College


I just tried out some of the suggestions you gave us for working with men in conduct meetings – it has completely revolutionized the way I do conduct with men!  I can’t believe how well it works to get them really thinking critically about how their behaviors match (or don’t match) who they want to be.  Thank you!

-Participant in student affairs staff professional development

Social Justice Education

GAKeith did a great job working with our professional residential life team. He provided a very different way to think about social justice ally development that left us talking and thinking for weeks. Over two months later his presentation would still come up in conversations. Keith provides a rare combination of outstanding presentation skills and an astute awareness of social justice issues.

-Grant Anderson, Coordinator of Residence Life Staff, Education, and Research, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

The facilitator created a very safe and welcoming environment to grapple with our own prejudices/ignorance. Just wish it was 2 hours longer!

-Participant in Aspiring Ally Development Workshop

I enjoyed Keith’s personal insights and his engagement with the group was meaningful.

-Participant in Aspiring Ally Development Workshop

Learning the difference between ally identities-will encourage me to examine my professional conduct in a new way.

-Participant in Aspiring Ally Development Workshop

Curricular Approaches

I don’t know if I can express enough how much you helped us down the right path to creating and implementing a true residential curriculum.  When people ask, I honestly tell them to bring you to campus, but get the right stakeholders in place and follow your guidance!  You are well worth the investment and I would say, more cost effective than anything else we have ever tried in regards t0 student learning!

-Rebecca Bahe, Assoc. Dir. of Residence Life, North Dakota State University


Keith’s visit to UConn was crucial for helping to empower and educate our team as we implement a curricular approach to residential learning. Keith spent time preparing and planning so that he truly understood our department and context, working collaboratively with us to best serve the needs of our team and campus. So many members of our staff had ‘a-ha’ moments during our two-day training—about student learning, about how we structure our work, and about how accessible and doable a curricular approach is.

-Ashley Robinson, Asst. Dir. of Residence Education, University of Connecticut


NATransformational. Thought-provoking. Team Builder.

Bringing Keith to work with our campus partners, department and residence life team  was a ‘game changer’ for us. It solidified our focus as a team and what we want our students to learn while they live in residence. Having Keith facilitate discussions, allowed us to challenge each other and ensure that any outcome, was for the best interest of our students. He kept us moving forward with the development of our curriculum and provided several golden nuggets of wisdom that our team now uses as a common language.  The impact of Keith’s visit will be felt by us and our students for many years to come. We cannot wait for the next time we can work with him. Thank you Keith for all your time and investment. We are grateful for your dedication to this profession.

-Natalie Allen, Assistant Director, Residence Life Services, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada


ASOur time with Dr. Edwards catapulted our department forward toward the implementation of a residential curriculum. His facilitation skills guided our group through though decisions and lit up our minds to idea of intentional impact on the lives of the students living on campus.

-Anne Stark, Director of Residence Life and Education , UCF


The experience was an incredibly hands-on experience that provided me with great clarity, insight, and understanding for our future direction as a department.

-Jacob M. Bonne, M. Ed., Area Coordinator, Rosen College of Hospitality, UCF


Dr. Keith Edwards reintroduced a group of educators to their power and potential.

-Liz Bernstein, Area Coordinator, traditional housing, UCF


LKIn 1.5 days Keith moved our group through a complex process that probably would have taken us 6-months otherwise to complete. My team was invested, engaged, and at the conclusion – each person was invested in our outcome, because we created it together.

-Linda Kasper, Director of Residence Life, University of South Florida


Dr. Edwards provided the Montclair community an exceptional two-day experience focused on the development of a residential curriculum program. His energy, passion, and insights motivated the staff to reach deep into ourselves and create a blueprint for enhanced student development. Thanks to Keith’s engaged effort, our department is now in an excellent position to launch a comprehensive curriculum for our residential students this fall.

– John Delate, Executive Director of Residence Life

SF I came into our journey to create a residential curriculum a year after it had begun.  We were hopeful and excited following RCI, but knew to be successful we needed a little extra help.  Keith’s help has been priceless.  He took the time to provide feedback and consult on our progress over the phone and throughout the process.  Keith also spent two days with our department and campus partners recently to kick our curriculum into gear.  He helped us all to better understand the purpose and benefits to the curricular approach.  He motivated and challenged us to think differently about the way we approach the student experience at Montclair State.  Keith is engaging, encouraging, and truly speaks from a place of experience.  With his guidance, we have made more progress on our curriculum in 2 weeks than we had in 2 years.

– Stacy Flowers, Assistant Director of Residence Life, Montclair State University

HLTo this day, my colleagues and I complement Keith’s investment in our team’s knowledge and resources. In all interactions prior to, during, and after the consulting visit, Keith was positive, prepared, and professional. He shared specific recommendations for us to consider, after taking time for thoughtful dialogue, and his insights have provided clarity and energy for our team. Keith remains interested in our developing residential curriculum; it is wonderful to have him as a colleague and national champion for curricular approaches to residence life and student affairs work.

-Hilary Lichterman, Associate Director of Residential Learning Initiatives, University of South Carolina


SHWorking with Keith Edwards was a tremendously positive experience for the University of Dayton. Keith was able to assist my staff and me in clarifying and strengthening our educational priority, learning goals and learning outcomes, which in turn allowed us to develop educational plans that aligned with our institution’s vision for integrated learning and living. Designing and implementing a residential curriculum can initially feel overwhelming and daunting. What appeared to be a difficult task was far more manageable as a result of Keith’s guidance and expertise.

-Steven T. Herndon, Assistant Dean of Students, Executive Director of Housing and Residence Life


ESWhen we began our Residential Curriculum journey I knew immediately we would need help—we would need someone to come to campus and help us refine our aspirational goals and big lofty ideas. Keith was the perfect person to kick start our process. He is engaging, fun, incredibly capable, and unfailingly honest about our profession in a way that is so refreshing. The two days we spent work-shopping our brand new way of being were some of the most inspirational in my career, and certainly the most productive. My colleagues and I were impressed with the level of preparation that went into the process—Keith really focused on what the University of Oklahoma needed and tailored the presentation to us.  If you are embarking on a Curriculum journey I cannot recommend this experience enough.

-Erin Simpson, Assistant Director, Residence Life, University of Oklahoma


SWKeith’s student affairs experiences at different institutions enables him to situate himself within a new culture quickly.  This personal, on-the-ground connection allows him to acknowledge and encourage sound existing work and also make recommendations for improvement that are directly connected to the department’s or division’s values; lessening the resistance that typically accompanies the perspective of an outsider.

-Scott Wojciechowski, Gettysburg College


HLWorking with Keith has allowed me to better understand my strengths and the ways in which I can best contribute to our organization. He has also helped me learn how to better engage in conflict, how to accept and give feedback, how to be more present and focused on my work, and how to grow from mistakes. Because of Keith, I have been able to put into greater harmony my personal and professional lives and I am now a more fulfilled and self-assured person.

-Holley Locher, PhD


ASWorking with Keith Edwards is a transformational experience. I have been working with Keith as one of his coaching clients since mid-January. His holistic, essentialist approach has helped me get clear about my life’s purpose which has increased my confidence, reduced stress, and provided me with a number of tools for continued growth. If you are stuck and looking to get out of your own way in order to take gigantic steps forward, Keith is your man! I would be happy to speak with anyone curious or considering working with Keith as a leadership coach!

-Anne Stark, PhD

Also, check out Dr. Stark’s full blog post on the coaching experience, cleverly titled “6 Reasons You Should NOT Hire a Leadership Coach”


BRLooking for a great coach? Connect with Keith Edwards! I left our sessions feeling empowered, energized, and ready to tackle whatever the future may bring. The fresh perspectives I gained during our sessions enabled me to think more critically and strategically about my life and goals. If you’re at all curious about meeting with a coach, I encourage you to meet Keith. Invest in yourself.

BCKeith helped me to open space for exploring my purpose and professional aims; he also provided new perspectives and frameworks that allowed me to transform issues into opportunities.  I continue to use the structures and strategies learned from his coaching to overcome professional challenges and develop a deeper sense of fulfillment in my work and life.

-Ben Correia


ETKeith’s coaching has been transformative for me.  From working through difficult times at work to challenging me to be the best version of myself, the coaching process has developed me in all aspects of my life.  I am a better partner, employee, supervisor, and person because of the work we do together.

-Erica Geers Thompson


CWRWorking with Keith has opened a new door in my personal and professional life – I feel it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Our sessions deepened my sense of self-awareness, helped me to gain confidence in my inner voice, and encouraged me to take a truly holistic and thoughtful approach to my future and the way I make decisions.

-Courtney Reynolds


CAI began coaching with Keith came as I came to a proverbial “fork in the road” with my career trajectory. Keith helped grease the wheels for me in becoming clearer about where I think I need to be going – not what he thought I should do.  He gave me some tools to reframe how I had been thinking about the things I value in my life and how that connects with my career path.  In the end I think I got as much “life stuff” as “career stuff” from our work together.  Tangible, thoughtful, and a gentle kick in the butt. I appreciate and value our work together.

-Craig John Alimo, PhD