Campus Visit

Keith offers engaging keynotes and thought provoking professional development sessions on sexual violence prevention, men’s identity, social justice education, curricular approaches, and leadership.  He will work to design a campus visit to meet the unique needs of your campus community. Keith often works with campus hosts to develop a full day long schedule of large presentations and small intimate workshops for a variety of audiences and events.

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GAKeith did a great job working with our professional residential life team. He provided a very different way to think about social justice ally development that left us talking and thinking for weeks. Over two months later his presentation would still come up in conversations. Keith provides a rare combination of outstanding presentation skills and an astute awareness of social justice issues.

-Grant Anderson, Assistant Director of Residence Life, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities



• Ending Rape: Addressing the Roots of Sexual Violence Prevention
• “Putting My Man Face On”: A Grounded Theory of College Men’s Gender Identity Development
• Beyond Good Intentions: Aspiring Social Justice Ally Identity Development
• Curriculum Approaches to Student Learning Beyond the Classroom
• Foundations of Social Justice
• Social Justice Pitfalls: Advanced Conversations About Social Justice Process and Product
•  Strategic Planning for Comprehensive Sexual Violence Prevention & Title IX Compliance
• Man in a Box: The Intersections of Masculinity with Racism, Classism, and Homophobia
• Positive Psychology and Student or Professional Leadership
• Zen for Leaders


Trinity Audience 2

• Title IX Compliance Educational Sessions
• Faculty and Student Affairs Professional Development
• RA & Residence Life Staff Training
• Orientation
• Fraternity and Sorority Life New Member Education & Greek Week
• Student Athlete Programming
• Take Back the Night Marches
• Sexual Violence Prevention Programming
• Social Justice Retreats
• Student and Professional Conference Keynotes


Few institutions can financially sponsor any speaker from the budget of one department or organization. However, by pulling together resources from a number of co-sponsors many campuses have found funding this kind of program surprisingly easy. These co-sponsors are also great at generating a wider, more diverse audience, a key aspect to meaningful social change.Here are a few suggestions for co-sponsors:

• Athletics
• Greek Life
• Residence Life
• Public Safety
• Women’s Studies
• Multicultural Affairs
• Teacher Education
• Sociology Department
• Women’s Affairs
• Vice President for Student Affairs
• Judicial Affairs
• Campus Programs
• Dean of Students
• Orientation
• Leadership Programs
• Wellness – Health Center
• Alcohol Education
• Provost or Academic Vice President
• Counseling Center
• Student Organizations

o Feminist Organizations
o Amnesty International
o Pro-Choice Groups
o GLBT Alliances
o Fraternities and Sororities

As you begin looking at co-sponsorship please let Keith know if there is anything he can do to help. Past hosts have found that talking with a large variety of folks and asking for small amounts of money can be a successful approach. It is not uncommon for Keith to assist campuses with grant proposals or funding requests.