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One of the all-time most popular posts on this blog is My 4 Most Recommended Meditation Tools. Since writing that post I have continued to meditate regularly and it has been transformational in my life. I’ve also continued to learn about meditation and mediation resources. Here are some updated resources for those looking to get started or those who are struggling to be consistent.

Envisioning MethodMindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani offers this 6 part guided meditation. It is much more active than many other meditations, which is a good fit for me. You can get the full guided meditation video, multiple page PDF, etc. by signing up with your email for free here. But here is the brief version of how I have adapted this. I use Insight Timer app to move me from one phase to the next. I initially gave each phase 2 minutes but over the past month have upped that to 3 minutes for each phase and have really enjoyed and benefited from the increased dosage.

  • Phase 1: Breathe and relaxing body scan
  • Phase 2: Loving kindness mediation – beginning with self and radiating out to eventually the whole world
  • Phase 3: Gratitude – appreciating this moment and then going back with gratitude for each moment over the past 24 hours
  • Phase 4: Moving forward – starting with this moment and envisioning how I want to move through the world in the next 24 hours.
  • Phase 5: Spirituality – This can vary depending on your spirituality. I envision our vast inter-connectedness.
  • Phase 6: Clear – Sitting with clear-headedness and letting any thought that enter my head simply pass by.

Breathe – My daughters have become interested in what dad does when he meditates, so we have been using this free app to let them experiment. It’s designed for school age kids and has quick questions about how you are feeling and then selects a meditation for you. If you like what it offers you can pay to upgrade and get more variety in the offerings. This is a good option for those looking to dabble.

Headspace – I mentioned this in the previous post, but I still recommend this frequently. You can sign-up online for 10 days of 10 minute meditations for free. If you like them you can continue with a paid subscription. What I like about this is that the 10 free meditations are very simple guided meditations that are not goofy or ephemeral. I found that I really enjoyed the 10 free meditations, but once those were done felt that I could do this on my own and didn’t need the subscription. If you’ve never meditated and are a bit intimidated, I think this is the best entry point because of its straightforward simplicity.


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