My 4 Most Recommended Meditation Tools

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I’ve really been getting a ton out of my meditation. I don’t feel tons better immediately afterward but I notice on the days/weeks when I do meditate most things go much better for me. My stress and anxiety just don’t get raised as often. My problem solving, focus, and emotional clarity are greatly improved. Jamie also has been noticing and can tell you based on my level of frustration each evening whether or not I meditated that morning. That’s a red flag!

The science on mediation is staggering. The benefits are powerful and include mental, emotional, and physical improvements. If you pay attention to the science, meditation moves from the category of things that I should do to the category of things that I am an idiot if I am not doing. Meditation has been shown to be just as effective at addressing depression as medication like Prozac and cognitive behavioral therapy. Corporations and the military are now teaching and creating space for mediation. This recent article included a list of highly successful people who meditate – including several significant surprises (Rupert Murdoch?!?).

Here are a few meditation tools I’ve been experimenting with and recommending to others.

1. Meditation Society of Australia has about 47 – 20 minute podcasts available for free. Each has 10 minutes or so of a lesson (not too spiritual but deep) and then a related meditation. There is a great variety of approaches so you can experiment and learn what works for you.


2. Deepak Chopra regularly does a 21 day meditation challenge with Oprah that sends you a meditation each morning.

3. Simply Being is a $1.99 phone app that allows you to set different times, different noises, and voice prompts or not. It’s generic and probably good for someone who knows how they want to meditate rather than someone who is learning.


4. I also tried out founded by Andy Puddicombe from the Ted Talk on meditation above. This site is super accessible with some short, nicely animated videos explaining meditation simply. This isn’t really spiritual at all but I like all the support. Here is one of their animated videos.

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