Welcome to the inaugural blog post. I hope this is a solid beginning that many of you will look back on fondly further down the road. My plan is to update with weekly posts on a wide range of issues including college men, sexual assault prevention, social justice education, sustainability, and student affairs leadership. I’ll try and keep this a mix of more accessible and short snippets from some of my scholarship, commentary on current events and pop culture, and to share some of the new things I am learning constantly.

I will keep this professional in focus but more personal in tone than some of my more academic opportunities to share ideas allow. I also promise to keep it short (less than 500 words). More than anything I want to engage you. I’d love to hear your suggestions on topics, learn from your insights and ideas, and get feedback.

Why not start now? Add a comment below. (If comments aren’t showing click on the blog title to take you to that page.) There’s not a lot of content to reflect on but you’ll never have a better opportunity to shape what is about to come. I can’t wait.

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