Keith E. Edwards, PhD

Keith is a speaker, trainer, and scholar on sexual violence prevention, men’s identity, social justice education, curricular approaches,  and leadership. Keith assists campuses in educating students on these issues through engaging, provocative, humorous, and inspiring keynotes and workshops. His sexual assault prevention work, men ending rape, is nationally recognized, research based, and award winning. He also fosters broader systemic change through professional development sessions for faculty and staff. He is a leader in higher education on social justice education, having founded and chaired the ACPA Commission for Social Justice Educators.

Keith connects well with college students. He speaks to them in a way that really makes them hear what he has to say. His research is current and relevant. His examples cite popular media and are familiar references for college students. His use of interactive activities and visual aids underscore the learning that will take place for attendees. I have nothing but positive things to say about Keith Edwards.

- Mollie Monahan-Kreishman, Independent Consultant


Keith Edwards

Keith was our first keynote speaker on the subject of sexual assault.  We were hoping that he would create an atmosphere for further discussion among both our undergraduates and our alumni volunteers, and he did just that.  His message was challenging but engaging.

-Bill Martin, Executive Director, Phi  Gamma Delta Fraternity (FIJI)

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