The way Dr. Edwards came at the subject, not teaching how to avoid it but defining and implementing real life, relatable scenarios, is what made his presentation so eye opening. Many individuals have the wrong understanding of sexual violence and maybe even believe that some things that are considered sexual violence are not. As a strong woman, as a feminist, and as a victim of sexual violence he hit every aspect. Because sexual violence is not something just women experience and pointing that out, empowers men to see, feel and understand/want to understand more about  it.

-from participant evaluation


Keith E. Edwards, PhD is a scholar and educator on sexual violence prevention, men’s identity, social justice education, curricular approaches, and leadership. Keith assists campuses in educating students on these issues through engaging, provocative, humorous, and inspiring keynotes and workshops. He also helps campuses foster broader systemic change through professional development sessions for faculty and staff. Keith equips audiences with knowledge, hope, and an ability to make a real difference addressing complex problems.

Video – Inspiring Change
Keith passionately describes what motivates him to work to end men’s violence against women and how by cultivating both men’s altruism and self-interest we can develop more consistent, sustainable, and effective allies. He concludes by explaining how despite all of the evidence we can and must remain hopeful about ending rape.


His sexual violence prevention work is nationally recognized, theoretically and conceptually grounded, research validated, and award winning. His ground breaking research on college men’s identity is also widely recognized. He is a national leader on social justice education in higher education, having founded and chaired the ACPA Commission for Social Justice Educators and authored a conceptual model of aspiring ally identity development. His training sessions with colleagues on positive psychology and mindfulness based approaches to leadership are regularly standing room only and have gained national attention.



I can honestly say that I have never had so many people make a point of calling or finding me to say how much they really appreciated the program. I’ve heard stories about how they have applied lessons they learned or took a moment to think differently about a situation.  I’ve been coordinating professional development for our division for a number of years and I’ve brought some wonderful speakers over time but this is truly the most positive response I’ve ever seen.

-Suzanne Sullivan McGillicuddy, Assistant Dean of Students, Fashion Institute of New York

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